Project: Recycle & Create.  Take a predetermined recyclable item, and create something fabulous with it.  The recyclable: egg cartons.  The something fabulous:   Feel free to ooh and aah all you wish.

Upcycle Egg Cartons into Beautiful Daffodils for a fun kid's craft to celebrate spring and nature

These are even more fun than the Gift Paper Frogs – although not nearly as cute.  And these are just as sweet as the Scrap Fabric Fairy House – but way way easier to make.  Our bouquet here was made by a collective group from age 3 to 39.  It’s hard work keeping the 39 year old in check, let me tell ya.

Egg Carton Daffodils


  • egg cartons
  • yellow paint – we used tempra
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • green pipe cleaners
  • the usual smock and table protection

Upcycle Egg Cartons into Beautiful Daffodils for a fun kid's craft to celebrate spring and nature


Just like our Egg Carton Owls and Our Egg Carton Ladybugs – oooh and the Egg Carton Super Bees – I’ve got a thing, don’t I – start by using those scissors, and cutting the egg carton into individual cups.  You will need two cups per daffodil.

  1. Take one cup, and cut it into four panels, and these will be the outer petals
  2. Paint both cups completely yellow.  You’ll get messy, and you’ll love it!
  3. Take your pipe cleaner, and make a small loop in one end.
  4. Poke a whole through the center of each cup, place the cup that you cut into four petals under the other cup and thread the pipe cleaner through the egg cups, so that the small loops is secured inside the cups.
  5. Repeat over and over until you run out of cups, bundle them, and place them in a vase.  

Upcycle Egg Cartons into Beautiful Daffodils for a fun kid's craft to celebrate spring and nature



egg cartons
Egg Carton Mache Molds by Teach me Mommy
Intrinsic Hand Strengthening Activity by Sugar Aunts
Flowers by The Gingerbread House
Space Station by Peakle Pie





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