Eggs hard cooked to perfection! But help is on the way. The best tips for perfectly hard boiled eggs everytime are only a couple paragraphs away!

Perfectly hard boiled eggs don't smell! Here are step by step instructions on how to make perfectly hard boiled eggs every time on Nemcsok Farms. No gray green tint to over boiled eggs and gorgeour deviled eggs every time.Did you know? If you don’t overcook your eggs – they won’t smell

Hard-boiling eggs can turn into an epic fail, if you don’t do it right.  Slightly overcooked is okay, albeit a bit smelly; slightly undercooked is alright too, we just call it soft boiled, and dip toast strips into the yolks.  However, really overcooking them can be a huge exceptionally smelly mess!  And really undercooking them could end up in a waste of perfectly good food. So why settle for less than perfect, when in this case, perfection is so easily attainable. 

So how do you do make perfect hard boiled eggs ?Picture

1- Put the number of eggs you are cooking into a pot, that has a lid.

2- Cover the eggs with water

3- Put the pot with eggs and water on the stove element and bring to a boil.

4- Once the water has started to boil, cover with the lid – turn off the heat,

Here is the trick:

5- Set a timer!  Use your watch, microwave, telephone, stove, oven, whatever!  But pay attention – you do not want the eggs to sit in that water for any longer than 20 minutes.  That is the trick.  20 minutes. 

6- When the time is up, run the pot under cold water, to stop the cooking process.

Now, you can store the eggs in the fridge (keep them separate from the fresh eggs so as not to be really disappointed in the case of a mishap….) or you can peel them and use them straight away.

Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs Don't Smell

There you have it. 

Perfectly hard boiled eggs! No grey-greenish lining on the yolks, and the whites are the perfect texture.

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  1. I should’ve posted this a long time ago, this technique is absolutely on point. It works every time, no more grey rings seriously ! Thanks so much for sharing “ Blessings to you “

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