A collection of eco-friendly owl crafts using recycled and natural materials alike – all in honour of the awe inspiring owl and my small obsession.
Eco Friendly Owl Crafts - using natural and or recyclable materials


So, you may have noticed, I have a thing for owls. Not only are owls the best form of rodent / pest control you can have, they are also magical, mystical, and make for some super duper cute crafting options!


I also love a good craft, and a good craft that can be done with natural and or recycled materials is even better!

We have made some really fun and really cute Egg Carton Owls, and I found some others that are also really cute, really fun, really frugal, and totally eco- friendly!

Super Cute Owl Craft made from recyclable egg cartons



  • An egg carton
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors


1. Cut the egg carton to separate cups.

2. Pair them up, and glue tops to bottoms.

3. Cut out some wings, a face shape, and a beak for each owl.  For the wings, I drew a half circle the diameter being approximately equal to the height of the owl, and I also added in a flap with the half circle.  Fold the strip back, and glue that to the side of the owl body.

4. For the owl’s face, I drew a wide heart shape.  And for the beak, I cut out a diamond shape.  I did not make a template for this one – as I said – we did it on the fly.

5. Once you have your shapes cut out, start gluing them on. Starting with the face peace saves some frustrations.  Then add the beak, and then the googly eyes!  If you don’t have googly eyes, use construction paper, or markers, or felt. 

6. So, once you have the owl’s face glued on, attach the wings, and ta da!  You have some owls…

More Eco-Friendly Owl Crafts 

Here are some great crafts you can make with items you likely already have around the house, or can easily get from a quick walk outside

With Natural Materials

I love this Bark Owl Craft from Fireflies and Mudpies!

And these Pine Cone Pets are too cute!  From Inspired by Familia 

How to make a Pinecone owl From Mum in the Madhouse is just brilliant. 

With Recyclable Materials

Owl Cupcake Case Masks – very clever crafting from The Craft Train

A great use for those dare I say obsolete coffee filters – These owl Halloween Crafts for Kids are adorable, from Hand Made Kids Art. 

And this Bottle Top Owl by Rainy Day Mum is just super fun!  A great way to reuse bottle tops! 

When I first saw this Textured Owl Craft by How Wee Learn I knew I needed a reason to put in on our page somewhere

This Stained Glass Style Owl I found In The Playroom is beautiful.  Makes me wonder, was cellophane really made for anything else?

I love what Crafty Moms share does with these cups!  These Easy Cup Owl Crafts are very charming!  


Eco Friendly Owl Crafts made from natural and recyclable materials

Like these owl crafts?  Check out our owl houses that we build ourselves with locally harvested and milled lumber.  Get one put up on your property, and invite those amazing nocturnal creatures to make themselves at home.

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