The new build it project as promised, this week is for the owl lovers out there.  Or maybe just the rodent non lovers?  Who am I to judge?

Handmade from locally harvested, locally milled lumber Build It: Owl Houses are the perfect natural pest control system for your property.

Build It: Owl Houses for the Ultimate Pest Control 

As promised, this week is for the owl lovers out there.  Or maybe just the rodent non lovers?  Who am I to judge?

I have always had a mix of wonder and fright when it came to owls. I think I can remember the commercials that use to air on the country cable channels, with the owl swooping down, and grabbing a rabbit I think it was, and clearly things didn’t look too good for the rabbit. But they were and still are fascinating! And hey, they eat mice, voles, bugs and everything else you don’t want around.  So I say, bring in the owls! 

Owls are probably the best farm hands you could ever have.  They take care of the vermin without complaint, and they do it efficiently, and for very little pay.  Why not give them some first class accommodations?

So we built some owl houses.  My husband cut out the pieces for several houses, and then he enlisted the help of the Little Helpers to assemble and then hang them.  What a treat! 

So now we have owl houses distributed around the yard part of our property, but will add more to the wooded areas too.  If you would like your very own owl house, you can order one here.

And I am going to keep it short this evening… with all of the end of the school year fun, and all of the beginning of the summer fun, and throw in a little bit of teething for good measure, I am spent.  I hope to do lots of work in the garden this week, how about you?  Do you all have everything ‘done’ in your garden?  

For the best rodent control – distribute owl houses

Natural pest control with Build It: Owl Houses

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