It’s Friday and We’re in Love with Bugs! From bug snacks, to bug crafts, to some useful information on the good, the bad and the ugly, we are loving all things bug over here today, in our It’s Friday and We’re in Love Linky.

It's friday and we're in love with bug crafts, bug life, bug science, bug activities and all things bugs

If the creepy crawlies give you the heebie jeebies, you might want to skip right to the bug crafts and the bug snacks. If you have arachnophobia, well, you probably don’t hang out her very often anyway, but if you do – skip over the Bugs in the Garden part… I personally don’t mind spiders, but worms… ugh.  They’re kinda gross.  And one time, I had a slug in my boot.  Double gross.  

Enjoy the list and I hope you get to lovin’ bugs as much as we do!

We Love Bugs in the Garden

Enemy Bugs Blooming Secrets

Luna Moth Oakhill Homestead

Ladybugs Sensible Gardening & Living

Spiders Oakhill Homestead

Butterfly Gardens Draught Smart Plants

Organic Garden Bug Control Sensible Gardening and Living


We Love Bugs Activities and Experiments

Spiderman Slime Parenting Chaos

Bug Slime Craftulate

Bug Painting Cutting Tiny Bites

Insect Tuff Spot Adventures of Adam

Bug Rocks Tic Tac Toe One Creative Mommy

Spider Web Stamping 3 Dinosaurs  

Bug Soap Parenting Chaos

Insect Sensory Bin Cutting Tiny Bites

We Love Bug Crafts

Firefly Craft There’s Just One Mommy

Pipecleaner  Inchworm Craftulate

Love Bugs One Creative Mommy

Build a Bug Cutting Tiny Bites

Love Bug  Mommy’s Bundle 

Egg Carton Super Bees Nemcsok Farms

We Love Bug Snacks

Bug Lunch Eats Amazing

Fruit Ladybugs The SoccerMom Blog

Spider Snacks Eats Amazing

Cricket Snack Craftulate

Apple Bug Snacks Eats Amazing

We Love Learning About Bugs

Insect Habitat Danya Banya

Butterfly Life Cycle Parenting Chaos

A Week of Bugs Kitchen Floor Crafts

Dragon Fly Life Cycle O-Garden

Bug Hunt There’s Just One Mommy 

Stick Insect Pets Danya Banya


It's friday and we're in love with bug crafts, bug life, bug science, bug activities and all things bugs

I mean,check out all this great bug stuff šŸ™‚



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