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Have you ever grown something from seed, that you were 100% sure could not be grown, by you, from seed?  I have and it was watermelon.  Let me just tell you upfront, I had a lot of failures before my big success!  

Vegetable Planting Guide for Tomatoes and Growing Tips for Fresh Garden Melons


I am fairly certain that it took five years of practicing, before I got it right.  The two main contributors to my melon growing failures have been soil quality and lack of watering.  Melons need a lot of water.  They don’t want to sit in a puddle, but they need a lot of water. Water them. Every. Day.


Start by determining the space you want to use to grow tomatoes.  You should allow 4-6′ for every healthy plant.  If you’ve got a 4′ x 4′ space, you’ll have room for 1  plant.  So give yourself 50% more seeds, so in this case you’ll want to have 2 plants.  You will end up thinning out the smallest and sickliest looking seedlings. In a single hill you should plant 3 to 4 seeds.    


  • Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last spring frost date.
  • Wait about two weeks from the last spring frost before transplanting   
  • Harden off plants over the course of a week.
  • Till aged manure or compost into your garden soil
  • Like pumpkins, melons grow best in hills, but widely spaced in rows can work also.
  • Put them in a part of your garden where they will have full sun and well-drained soil. 
  • Water the transplants very well. 

Vegetable Planting Guide for Tomatoes and Growing Tips for Fresh Garden Melons


  • Mulch thickly to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. They like a lot of water, but need to be in well drained soil.
  • They are very heavy feeders, and require a lot of room
  • Vines produce male and female flowers separately on the same plant. Do not be concerned if the male flowers fall off. The female flowers (which have a swollen bulb at the base) will stay on the vine and bear fruit. Blossoms require pollination to set fruit, so be kind to the bees! 
  • As fruit is ripening, prevent rotting by gently lifting it and putting some cardboard or straw between the fruit and the soil.
  • Don’t plant melons near the cucumbers
  • Melons can be grown near the tomatoes and corn.
  • Inspect for insect pests regularly.


  • When the tendril is half dead, the the watermelon is nearly ripe or ripe. If the tendril is fully dead, it’s ripe or overripe; it’s not going to get any riper, so you might as well pick!
  • Stems should be cut with a sharp knife close to the fruit.
  • Watermelons can be stored uncut for about 10 days. 

Vegetable Planting Guide for Tomatoes and Growing Tips for Fresh Garden Melons


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