Apple Berry Stew

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Perfect for Healthy Snacking and oh so easy to make.  Heck, make it every day!Apple Berry Stew Perfect for Healthy Snacking and oh so easy to make


The Bliss of Berry Picking

What, with all the mosquitoes, blackflies and sunburns?  Is there anything more fun than berry picking?  Well, actually, yes.  There are lots of things way more fun than berry picking.  But berry picking does have it’s high points.  Like, getting outside, which is always a plus.  Also, a little adventure, a little exercise.  It’s a great activity for little Helpers too – talk about working both fine and gross motor skills!  And I mean really, how can you go wrong when you teach children at a very young age how to scavenge for food?  Plus, berries.  

Sometimes Applesauce Needs A Bit More than Apples

But this isn’t really about berry picking.  This is about applesauce.   If you can make it with fresh berries that you picked yourself that is extra super duper awesome.  If, you don’t have fresh berries, frozen will work too.  We are very fortunate in that we have blueberry bushes scattered throughout our property, and the roads out our way are lined with raspberry bushes. All we’re missing are apple trees.  One day my friends, one day.

Apple Berry Stew Perfect for Healthy Everyday Snacking

Apple Berry Stew

So grab your sunscreen, wear long sleeves, long pants, and a really big sunhat – grab some buckets, and let’s treat ourselves to the very best apply snack.

Apple Berry Stew
Sometimes Applesauce Needs A Bit More than Apples. Berries, it needs berries. But not mushed up berries.
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  1. two apples
  2. 2 tbsp water
  3. 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  4. 1 tbsp brown sugar
  5. 1 cup blueberries
  6. 1 cup raspberries
  1. Peel, core and chop apples
  2. Place apples in a saucepan with water, and cook until soft enough to mash (approx 10 minutes) stir often
  3. Remove apples from heat, stir in cinnamon and sugar, set aside.
  4. Mix berries together in a separate bowl.
  5. Spoon applesauce into serving bowls, and top with a serving of the mixed berries.
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Apple Berry Stew Perfect for Healthy Snacking




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