An easy to use Weekly Gardening Maintenance Planner is a great way way to keep on top of the gardening. It’s all about having a plan,right?Successful Gardening - it's all about the plan

Now that you know you want to grow a garden, it’s time to write down the plan!

If you are anything at all like me, you may very well need to write stuff down. I have lists and more lists, and if it isn’t written down, I will likely forget it.  Same applies to planting and maintaining the vegetable gardens.  I have created this handy planner for you to download and print, for free, so that you can also keep track of your garden chores.

I want my garden to succeed, and I want yours to succeed too!  Think of how satisfying it will be to have a steady supply of fresh vegetables through the summer and fall – this planner can help you achieve that!

Weekly Garden Maintenance Planner

How to use the Gardening Planner

Print It

Click on the file to download and print.  It’s free.

Weekly Garden Maintenance Planner

Be sure to print one for each week of the season!

Fill in the Planting Portion

Write down what you plan on seeding each day of each week.  This is really handy when you plant continuously, for fresh supplies of your veggies and herbs.  For example, you can plant some peas every week, for staggered growth and harvests.  Be sure to check the days to harvest, so that you give your latest crops time to grow.  For the first couple of weeks you will only use the planting and weeding columns.

You might only ever get to seed your garden one day a week – and that’s great too!  Just be sure to keep track of what you have planted, and what you intend to plant!

Keep Track of Weeding

Weeding at first, can seem like a non issue.  However if you let it slide at the wrong time, you can quickly be overcome and overrun with weeds.  By writing down which plants you intend on weeding out, and which days you plan on doing it, you can easily stay on top of it, and in many cases be rewarding with plants to grow tall and leafy enough, to provide their own weed protection

Getting to the Harvest!

This is the best part.  You write down that you seeded some pumpkins in the first week of june…. 12 to 13 weeks later they are ready for harvest… and you had the foresight to write this down, good job!

Check out our other handy and helpful garden maintenance and planning tools 

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