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Celebrate Family Day with A Family Rainbow

 Grab your watercolours and get all hands on deck for this collaborative Family Day Art Project.
Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows

Rainbows occur when you have rain and sunshine at the same time – and they have the power to instantly brighten the sky, and an attitude! 

Family Day Art

Rainbows are indicative of spring, summer, and the warmer weather that comes with it.  We use rainbow crafts to celebrate St. Patrick’s day also, and in our case, it was a really nice Family Day Craft.  

We love to paint, and we love to paint with watercolours.  And I mean, really, who doesn’t love a rainbow?

Smart tip:

Use an old twin / single fitted sheet to cover your table with when crafting.  Most materials are washable, but an extra layer of protection is always a good thing.  


hands to trace

pencils (for tracing)


water colour paints


paint brushes

the usual table/clothing protection

Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows


Get a sheet of paper for every artist, we used 11 x 17

Trace hand prints, from smallest to largest, in an arch, or rainbow shape, on everyone’s paper

Paint as desired

We tried to follow the colours of the rainbow while painting our hand prints – but you may recall from our crafting rules, that we pretty much don’t have any rules.

Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows

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