Celebrate Winter with an Eco Friendly Snowman Craft made of juice jugs, and well, lots of glue and glitter.  Cause, we love glitter, don’t we?

Re-Use Juice Jugs into these adorable Snowmen Crafts for some Wintery Fun

I am a sucker for a lot of things in life, and glitter and googly eyes are no exception.

The Rules of Crafting

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  But here’s the thing, there are a few rules, and once they are established and understood, everything will run smoothly.

  1. Have fun
  2. Be polite
  3. Stay calm
  4. Do it your way

There, now that that is out of the way, let’s make some adorable snowmen, and clean out that recycling bin at the same time.


Let’s see, this is another one we sort of did ‘on the fly’ but we started by collecting

  • juice jugs ( the 2 ish litre plastic bottle kind) 
  • tissue paper ( white)
  • glue
  • elastics
  • cotton balls
  • coloured pom poms in various sizes
  • ribbon
  • did I mention glue?
  • construction paper ( black)
  • googly eyes
  • glitter
  • scissors and a pencil


  1. Wrap the tissue paper around the juice jug, from bottom to top, gather at the top,and secure with an elastic
  2. Tie a ribbon approximately mid way down the jug, as a scarf ( this clearly distinguishes the face from the tummy, so your little helpers can easily determine where to glue on the eyes and buttons, etc
  3. Glue on googly eyes, and pom poms for a nose, and a mouth ( or not, as you can see from our photos)
  4. Glue on pom poms for buttons, and add cotton balls if desired.  These made great cheeks on one of our dashing fellows.
  5. Use the cap from the juice jug to make the top hat.  Cut out a large circle to form the brim of the top hat, and cut out the cap sized circle from the middle of the brim of the hat.  Cut a strip to roll into a tube, to form the top hat portion of the top hat.  I want to call it the rise, but I don’t know that that is correct.  Anyway… look at the picture, you’ll see what I mean.Re-Use Juice Jugs into these adorable Snowmen Crafts for some Wintery Fun
  6. Lightly spread glue on the hat portions, and cover with GLITTER!!!!!
  7. Add the hat to the top of the jug, sit back and admire your work!


These guys kind of remind me of the muppets – you feeling the same?

Re-Use Juice Jugs into these adorable Snowmen Crafts for some Wintery Fun

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