Re-use brown paper lunch bags, recycle flyers, and use up paper scraps all at the same time with this very fun, and super cute scarecrow craft.

Paper Bag Scarecrow craft made from recycled lunch bags and other paper scraps

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Lunch Bag Scarecrow

We have made these a few times, and each occasion has been just as fun and successful.  Plus, as we get a bit older here, we are getting a real handle on things like, where the noses go. We have made them with braided construction paper strips for the hatbands, and have used recycled florists’ cellophane for extra pretty hats too.  The shaggy scarecrow hair though, I must say, is my favourite part.


  • Used Paper bag (the wrinkle-ier the better!)
  • Construction paper and previously used wrapping paper work really well (from the scrap bin if you’ve got one!)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Newspaper / packing paper / stuffing of some sort

Paper Bag Scarecrow craft made from recycled lunch bags and other paper scraps


  1. Cut the top of the paper bag into strips, but do not cut the strips off of the bag
  2. Fill the paper bag with newspaper / packing paper / anything really that you have laying around, and close the bag, just under the hairline and staple closed. Flatten the hair down, and curl the front hair up with scissors if you desired.
  3. Cut a large circle out of construction paper (tissue paper/ coffee filter / wrapping paper/ etc) and some shapes for facial features, and hat embellishments, if desired.
  4. Take the hat piece and find its centre, and shape it into a cone, staple the tip of the cone to the centre of the scarecrows hair, at the top of the closed bag.
  5. Now glue the facial features on, and add some decorations to the hat. Make a construction paper braid for a hat band or embellish with more construction paper decorations, such as shredded paper for straw, straws and moons, and maybe even a crow.


Paper Bag Scarecrow craft made from recycled lunch bags and other paper scraps

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