Nemcsok Farms is a family owned and operated by Evelyne and Michael Nemcsok, and is located 20 km north of Englehart, Ontario, Canada. Our farm consists of 200 + acres that includes woodlot, fields, a sand pit, some wetlands, a vegetable garden, flower beds and gardens, some rocky outcrops, and a nice yard for us to enjoy also. We produce forage and grain crops, vegetables, plants, flowers, firewood and custom plowing, cultivating, seeding and more. Welcome to our family farm! We are located 20 km north of Englehart, Ontario, Canada. Stick around for some gardening tips, DIYs, Recipes, Crafts, and other great ideas for how to use the things around you to create a better, more natural lifestyle. We also offer custom ploughing, seeding, cultivating and more. We sell harvested wild flower seeds collected from our property, as well as birch firewood bundles, wholesale only.

Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

I am by nature, a do it yourself-er.  You may have seen an image floating around on social media, that suggests why buy something for $5.00 when you can make it yourself for $90.00 in supplies? Yeah, well, there are a lot of crafters and do it yourself-ers out there.  I am totally not alone in this.  

A few people who love me dearly suggested I may be over doing it when I wanted to make my own marshmallows from scratch.  

Gifting items that are hand made is expensive.  Not to mention time consuming.  It can be all consuming depending on your personality.  And, sadly, more often than not the toiled over, expensive hand made item is met with something far less than gratitude.  

By now, I am asking myself, and I bet you are too… if it is expensive, takes up way too much time, and nobody likes it, why on earth do I / you / we do it?  Well – if you’re like me, you know the answer.  Quite simply, we can’t help ourselves.  We are do it yourself-ers.  It is what we do.  

In an act of solidarity, and in an effort to enable my fellow crafters, I have gathered a collection of quick to make, and totally cool gifts.  

Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List



Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub – Three Different Directions

Giant Chocolate Jazzies – Eats Amazing

Lavender Bath Salts – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds



Washi Tape Silhouette – Kara Carrero

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub – Study at Home Mama

Christmas Luminaries – Kidz Activities

Gift Jars – Mosswood Connections

Birds Nest Necklace – Slapdash Mom

Memory Journal – Sunny Day Family

Fleece Blanket – Mama Smiles

Kid’s Pom Pom Hat – Nemcsok Farms



Painted Pots – KCEdventures

Felt Pizza Kits – Theres’s Just One Mommy

Handprint Baseballs – Sunny Day Family

DIY Coasters – Playground Parkbench

Slime Ornaments – Little Bins for Little Hands

Tetris Magnets – Moms and Crafters




Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Craft on people, craft on.

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