Well, the time is nearly upon us!  It is almost time to get those pepper and tomato seedlings in the garden! And of course there are the cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, cauliflower, you get the idea.

But first – I need a scarecrow.  Well that’s not true exactly – I need a new scarecrow.  Well that’s not exactly true either; my existing scarecrow just needs a new head, and perhaps some stuffing.


DIY Scarecrow from start to finish - complete with the flippy floppy hat


So this week’s project is all about the scarecrow.

I made our scarecrow last year, with two of my little helpers.  We dressed it in a pair of much worn maternity pants, and one very much worn work jacket.  I didn’t have any brilliant ideas for a head – so I took an old t-shirt, stuffed it with straw, and plopped it onto the ‘shoulders’ of our garden guardian.  It is almost too creepy. No, it is indeed too creepy.  I took a photo to share with you, but it is so creepy, I don’t want that image popping up and having anything to do with me, ever. Don’t worry mouse, I have a plan.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I have made googly eyes for cookie monster costumes and balls for babies. The answer was quite simple: I just needed to make a larger googly eye!  Stuffing is tricky.  I didn’t want to use anything that will sag if it gets wet.  I didn’t want to use anything too heavy. And I certainly didn’t want to use anything edible.  So, that leaves what?  Styrofoam!  I went ahead and cut a roundish slab of Styrofoam from some old packaging… Tell me folks, what would you use? 

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow


1 – Cut out 6 large oval shapes and 2 circles 2 – Place two of the oval, right sides together, and sew along the long seam 3 – Turn out and repeat 4 – Complete all ovals, and finish by sewing circles at the points – creating a large ball (empty)

But Wait! How can you be a dingle dangle scarecrow without a flippy floppy hat?  That’s easy… I whipped one up with more fabric scraps this afternoon!  Tomorrow I will get it stapled onto my poor old scarecrow, and my seeds and plants will be safe. And my garden will be decidedly not creepy.

Happy Planting Everyone!



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