I have already shared with you the Prettiest Purple Flowers – and I promised you a post in March with the Best Blue Flowers….

Blue Flowers for Your Garden

Beautiful Blue Flowers for your yard and garden.  These are all perennials, and I have grouped them into their bloom season, spring or summer. 

Spring Blue Flowers

Beautiful Blue Columbine

The hardy columbine prefers the sun, and are a surprisingly pretty plant.  They bloom in spring and summer, but before they do, they really don’t look like they are going to do anything too exciting.  You can get these in white, pink, red, yellow and purple varieties as well

Beautiful Blue Pincushion

Another hardy plant, the pincushion can grow very tall, and prefers the sun. These also make very nice cut flowers, and come in a pink, purple or white variety. 

Beautiful Blue Primrose

This hardy plant blooms in spring and summer, and prefers the sun.  There are many varieties of these plants, with flowers on tall stems, or low laying solitary flowers, and many colours too – like red, orange, pink, purple, white and yellow.

Beautiful Blue Anemone

These hardy plants can bloom in springer, summer and fall. They prefer a partially shady spot in your garden, and come in white, pink and yellow varieties also.

Beautiful Blue Pasque Flower

This is a semi-hardy plant, and an early bloomer.  They are usually a shorter plant, and prefer the sun.  They have some really neat leaves and seed heads, which makes them fun to look at, even after the flowers are spent.  These can also be found in a puple, pink or white variety.

Beautiful Blue Lungwort

A flower that is so pretty shouldn’t have such an ugly name!  Regardless, this hardy plant likes a little to a lot of shade, and has a beautiful foliage as well.  This too can be found in a variety of colours besides blue , such as white, pink and red. 

Summer Blue Flowers

Beautiful Blue Aster

The aster enjoys the sun!  It has a very unique stem, and is a hardy plant and can bloom in summer and fall.  You can also find asters in red, white, purple and pink varieties.

Beautiful Blue Geranium

The hardy geranium is a summer bloomer, that would do best is a bit of shade. They vary from short to tall, and are long flowering.  They can be found in white, red, pink and purple varieties as well.
Blue Flowers for Your Garden

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