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In honour of the Summer Garden (yes, Summer will come soon) and in continuation of our colour series, I’ve put together a list of five plants to plant in your summer garden, that will give you wonderful summer blooms, and wonderful foliage throughout.  We’ve talked about Blue Flowers, Purple Flowers, and yes, you guessed it, this week the colour is green.
Best Plants to use for Foliage in your gardens
I have also enlisted the help of some of my friends who also put together their own posts about Summer Gardens.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get the links to their posts.


Five Plants for Fantastic Foliage

Euphorbia, also known as Spurge, is a hardy perennial, of medium height, that blooms spring to mid summer with yellow and green varieties of flowers.  They prefer full sun and moist, rich, well drained soil.  They are drought tolerant, and belong to the same group of plants as poinsettias.

Take care and where gloves when handling these plants, as the milky sap is known to be an irritant to some people’s skin.

Hens and Chicks, or Roof Houseleek, – it really is a toss up between which is the better name!  This hardy to semi hardi perennial, is a short plant that blooms in the summer with red, yellow, white and purple varieties of flowers.  They prefer full sun and poor to average, well drained soil.  
These can grow on nearly any surface, even rock – and even on tile roofs.
Hostas are without a doubt, by far, my favourite plant ever.  I see the leaves and feel as though I am in the tropics.  The flowers themselves leave a lot to be desired – but the leaves!  Oh! 

This hardy to semi hardi perennial, has low, medium and tall varieties. Also known as the Plaintain Lily, it blooms in the summer and fall, with white and purple varieties of flowers.  They prefer light and partial shade, and fertile, moist and well drained soil.  

Peonies are without a doubt, by far, my second favourite plant ever.  The foliage is just as gorgeous and rich as the flowers!  One peony in an island of grass can be just as exciting as an entire garden of them. 

This hardy perennial, is a tall plant, that blooms in the spring and early summer, with a multitude of colour varieties of flowers.  They prefer full sun, and fertile, rich, moist and well drained soil.  The ants also love the peony, so maybe don’t put them in the flower box right by a door or window.

Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, is another hardy perennial.  You can find this plant in low and medium height varities, and  blooms in the summer and fall with red, yellow, white and pink varieties of flowers.  They prefer full sun and average, well drained soil, neutral soil.

The lower growing varieties make excellent ground covers and rock garden plants..

Choose these plants for foliage and more green space in your garden


& The Summer Garden Blog Hop



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