It’s Friday and we’re in love with snow!  How could you not be, really?

Wonderful snow fun to be had in the garden, yard, and even the kitchen sink. We’ve got you covered with snowy treats, artificial snow recipes, great activities, and inspiration for snowy adventures.  Check it out, and embrace your inner snow fairy.Over 20 activities and ideas for super fun ways to enjoy the snow


It may come as no surprise that we are big lovers of snow over here. Snowshoes and crazy carpets are perhaps some of our most treasured items. Snowshoes are great for adventuring, playing, and working.  Hey, and you know what, crazy carpets are even great for all of those things too!  Besides being the funnest things in the world – they can come in handy for moving stuff.  

But let’s get back to the great white fluffy stuff.


Snow Gardening Sensible Living

Snow Fertilizer O Garden


Frozen Bubbles Fireflies and Mudpies

I Spy Snowflakes Our Whimsical Days

Spray Painting Snow Simple Fun for Kids

Snow Pastries Rain or Shine Mamma

Melting Snow Experiment Thriving STEM

Ice Jewels Fireflies and Mudpies

Painting with Snow Happy Hooligans

Snow vs. Water Experiment KCEdventures



Bath Snow Play Learn Everyday

Winter Sensory Bin Mommy’s Bundle

Best Artificial Snow Experiment Adventures of Adam

Make Your Own Snow Danya Banya

Sensory Box Play Learn Everyday

Over 20 activities and ideas for super fun ways to enjoy the snow



In the Sink Playground Parkbench

In the House Our Whimsical Days

In a Tub Simple Fun for Kids



Birdy Birthday Party Wilder Child

Winter Critter Snowman Fireflies and Mudpies


Nature Hikes and Hot Chocolate Fireflies and Mudpies

Animal Tracking Rain or Shine Mamma 

Maple Syrop Snow Candy Happy Hooligans

Have a look through the links at the bottom for more great ideas on what to do with all that wonderful fluff!Over 20 activities and ideas for super fun ways to enjoy the snow


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