“and when she saw lupine flowers blooming outside her window, she knew just what she would do to make the world a more beautiful place”  Barbara Cooney, Miss Rumphius

How To Plant and Care For Lupines - Give Your Yard and Garden a Fairy Tale Look


Fairy Tale Garden

Lupines are a hardy perennial that very easily self seed.  The tall brightly coloured spires really do create a fairy tale like atmosphere in your yard and garden.  They are easy to care for, and the foliage is also quite pretty. 
Lupines are in the same family as beans and peas.  (But maybe don’t eat them…) After the flowers are spent, you are left with paper like pods that literally pop open when they are ready. It’s pretty entertaining for the Little Helpers. 

How To Plant Lupines

Plant from seed.  Lupines don’t always do so well once you disturb their roots.  You can buy lupine seeds here ( we harvest them from the lupines that are growing on our property.)

The best time to plant your lupine seeds is in late summer / fall. Place the seeds about 12″ apart, in soil that is loosened to about 12″.  The winter frost will break up the seed coat, and the seedling should have no trouble emerging the following spring.  Don’t bury the seeds – just let them be on the ground’s surface. 

You can plant them in the spring, after danger of frost has passed.  Just be sure to soak the seeds over night to soften the seed coat.

Where To Plant Lupines

Pick a spot that has a bit of shade, although in full sun is okay too.  Lupines prefer a sandy, well drained furtile spot in your garden or yard.

They can have a big impact when grown together in masses for back borders, and along cottage and country roadways, giving that picturesque fairly tale look.

Lupines in a flower bed, their foliage is unique and stunning

A few lupines look really nice in a flower bed. Their foliage is quite unique and stunning. Don’t overdo it though – they self seed really easily, and will take over your flower bed if you’re not careful!




How To Care For Lupines

I honestly have left all of the watering and the sunning to Mother Nature. 

You can deadhead (remove spent flowers) lupines to prolong the flowering season, however you may want to keep a portion of the spikes in place, to facilitate self seeding.

How to Care for Lupines - these pods will dry to a paper like shell, and pop when ready!

These fuzzy pods will dry to a paper like shell, and pop when ready, spilling the seeds inside, allowing for really easy re-seeding of the plant


Make the World More Beautiful Series

Click here for a delightful series we have put together, in honour of the Children’s Classic, Miss Rumphius.  You will just love what my friends are doing for you!

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