Choose these warm coloured blooms, for your fall garden.

Warm up your Fall Garden with fall bloomers in orange, red and yellow to give your garden depth, and drama.

I would typically start out by telling you that Fall is my very favourite season.  I
hesitate a wee bit this year though because last winter was so long, and this
summer has gone too quickly.  So this year instead of longing for the colours,
temperatures, and the feelings of fall – I find myself still craving the hot days of
summer, the afternoons – or days rather – spent running through the sprinklers,

and all the ‘free time’ we have been spending as a family.

However, fall, and then winter is coming, regardless of how I feel about it. There

are many reasons to love and embrace fall.  I often say, Fall is a crafter’s dream. 
Part of what makes fall everything that it is, is the warm rich colours, not only of

the leaves of the trees, but of the fall blooming flowers as well.

If you don’t have them already growing in your garden or yard, you may want to

consider adding these perennials to warm up your fall garden.

Warm Up Your Fall Garden with Fall Blooms in Oranges, Yellows and Reds.

Clockwise from top right: Shasta Daisy, Redhot Poker, Black Eyed Susan and
Butterfly Weed

Shasta Daisy

A semi – hardy to tender perennial that requires moist, well drained soil, and

prefers the sun. 

These make for great cut flowers, to add to your bouquets and arrangements –

but they do also look really nice grown together in large groups of daisies. 

Redhot Poker

This tall perennial is semi hardy to tender as well, and again require most, well

drained soil.

Also a fan of the sun, the Torch Lily, is almost too bright!  Bundling up the leaves

and tying them over the flower in the fall, will protect the plant from the cold. 

Black Eyed Susan

A readily self seeding hardy plant, that prefers the sun, but will survive in average


Drought tolerant, and blooming for weeks, they do well in a wildflower garden,

and also in borders, planted in masses. 

Butterfly Weed

This butterfly attractant is a hardy, sun loving perennial that prefers the sun, and

fertile soil.

These look lovely in a wildflower garden or yard, along with the lupins (spent by

the time these flower) and the fireweed.  These also make a neat addition to

arrangements as a cut flower.





Warm up your fall gardens with blooms in red, orange and yellow. These fall bloomers provide depth and drama.

Clockwise from top left: Beard tongue, rose-mallow and cardinal flower

Beard tongue

Another hardy perennial that prefers the sun, and requires well drained soil.

Also known as Penstemon, some varieties are reliable self seeders.  They are drought

tolerant, and would be a nice addition to a rock garden.


With flowers the size of dinner plates, this semi- hardy perennial will take care of itself.

Give it sun, moist and well drained soil, and lots of room.

Cardinal Flower

These hardy plants prefer to be in moist / wet soil – like beside a pond or marshy area.

Also known as Lobelia, this hardy plant prefers the sun, and reseeds rather easily. 

Fall Garden Blog Hop. Fall Gardens. Celebrate. Plan. Decorate.


Fall Gardens. Celebrate. Plan. Decorate.

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