We all know that composting is a good thing.  It can also be super messy, way inconvenient, and dare I say, expensive.

There are ways to keep it tidy, and make it convenient, and to do it on the cheap.  It all comes down to having a system that works for you.  As for the expensive part – the actually composter is where the expense comes in.  You can buy all sorts of devices that are worthy of a nod from Dr. Seuss.  But really, if it costs you more money, perhaps reconsider your system.

I’m going to show you how to build your own, for pretty nearly free.

Really Easy and Exceptionally Cheap DIY Composter


Gather your materials:

1. Scavenge for pallets.  You’ll need four, but you could totally do it with three.  They need not be the same size.  You can get them from any business that receives shipments.  Go ahead and ask.  There are heaps of pallet projects gracing the pages of pinterest…. you may have even amassed some already….


2. Find some wire.  You may have to purchase some.  Consider zip ties if you’ve got them.


3. Secure the pallets together in a box shape, with wire. If you’ve only got three pallets, your composter has three walls instead of four… Just means it is super easy to access, yet you may possibly have some spillage

Really Easy and Exceptionally Cheap DIY Composter

Those fancy arrows indicate where the wire has been used to secure the walls of the composter together.


Really Easy and Exceptionally Cheap DIY Composter

The Completed Composter!
4. Set the composter in place.

Really Easy and Exceptionally Cheap DIY Composter


Now What?

Well, now that we have tackled the expensive part – See how we address the messy and inconvenient parts when we talk about designing a system that works, and will continue to work, for you.
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