Garden Markers made from up-cycled wine cork are more than just cute.  They also help you remember what the heck you were doing.  Inspired by these sweet cork markers I found on Baby Centre I have ventured to make my own version.

DIY Wine Cork Garden Markers for Herb Gardens

Herb Gardens

I am not going to lie.  Herb gardens are decidedly not something I am good at.  So when it comes to planting herb gardens, I need all the help I can get.  Over the years I have gotten fairly decent at identifying sprouts, like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, beets, onions, etc.  But herbs, no.  What I need is a lot more experience growing herbs, and until then – I’ve got a clever little up-cycle that it gonna help me out

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Another really easy up-cycle, that is not only cute – it’s actually quite useful.  And who doesn’t love a useful craft?  My version of these wine cork garden markers uses a wire hanger instead of doweling or skewers ( you likely already have a wire hanger to spare) and because of that you don’t need a drill either, just push the wire into the cork.  Real people, real living and totally do-able.


  • wine corks
  • white wire hanger
  • wire cutters
  • sharpie

DIY Wine Cork Garden Markers for Herb Gardens


  1. Unravel the coat hanger, and straighten and if you don’t have a white one, you can paint it.  Just be sure to let it dry very very well before you start handling it
  2. Using the wire cutters, cut the hanger into several lengths, approx 5 – 6 ” long
  3. Push one wine-cork onto the end of one 5″ length of wire
  4. Using the sharpie ( or other permanent marker) label the cork with the type of herb you’ve planted, or hope to plant, or planted a while ago and you forgot about it and it died…
  5. Place each marker next to the right herbs you planted. Be sure to get it right!  I made myself a sketch of where I planted which herb, so that adding the markers wouldn’t cause confusion and delay.

If you liked this up-cycle

You’ll need to make these lovely nature gifts in a jar, and these egg carton daffodils.  For more grown-upy type crafts, check out this awesome rag rug tutorial, or these super easy cotton napkins.  

Also, you can read about my herb garden prowess and get some seed starting ideas here if you’re looking to start your own – which you should totally do! 

DIY Wine Cork Garden Markers for Herb Gardens


2 thoughts on “Wine Cork Garden Markers”

  1. Great idea for using used wine corks! Last year, I tried your method and substituted the coat hanger usage with a package of 12 inch wooden skewers. This avoided having to cut up hangers, that eventually rust with the elements – and it saves time. The skewers have been durable from our Northeast wind & rains and the pointed tips easily pierce the cork. If one breaks, replacement is a snap. At the end of the season, I remove the labeled corks for easy storage in a ziplock bag and dispose of the used skewers. For the next year, just select the needed corks from the bag and use new skewers from your supply. Quantity packages of wooden skewers are available at most box stores or at Amazon, in large quantities and at very reasonable prices.

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