I traded in my skater coat

However, just like taking a mouse to the movie, the story does not end there.
The story doesn’t start there either. 
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how to make an infinity scarf a knitting pattern and tutorial

If you know me at all personally, you know that I am not exactly what you would call fashionable.  In fact, my sense of fashion has been called into questions several times throughout my young life.  You might know also, that I have had largely the same wardrobe for the last 20 years. 
If you by any chance, are like me, and have little to no fashion sense, you might also know that it can be awkward and uncomfortable to hang out with fashionable people.  Not for any other reason, other than they always seem to know what to wear and when.  I pretty much just aim for stuff that is comfortable, that I can do the least damage to, and that have a lot of pockets.  Purses, yuck!

About the skater coat

Once upon a time in about 2004, I was cruising a large shopping centre with my bestie, and we wandered into a ‘skater’ store.  My tall, fashionable and beautiful best friend said to me “it’s not often that you look like you fit in, and I feel out of place”  My goodness I love that girl!

It was in that same trip that I purchase my skater coat.  I loved it with all my might.  I still do.

But it is time to trade it in.  Not because my style has changed. At. All.  But the pockets are getting floppy,and I’m losing stuff.  Also, the buttons are falling off…it was time for a new coat.

I set my sights on wool, longish, not black, not white, and with large pockets.

And just like decorations led to the glitter, the new coat led to a new scarf.

First Snow Infinity Scarf

how to make an infinity scarf a knitting pattern and tutorial



  • Bulky or Chunky Weight (#5) Yarn
  • Size 17 US ( 12 3/4 mm ) Knitting Needles
  • Darning Needle
  • Scissors
Here’s what I used ( affiliate links)


Cast on 24 stitches
Row 1 and all other Right Side rows : (Knit 1, Purl 1) across
Row 2 and all other Wrong Side rows: (Purl 1, Knit 1) across
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until scarf measures 48″
Bind off in pattern
Seam the cast on edge together with the bind off edge to create a loop.
Go take the Skater Coat out of the scrap fabric bin, because you know you love it, and will wear it again. 

how to make an infinity scarf a knitting pattern and tutorial


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