Valentine crafts are way better than Christmas crafts.  I know I know, that sounds like something you would say right before getting struck by a hailstorm of glitter by the goddess of crafting. Don’t worry Mouse, I can explain.


Top Ten Eco- Friendly Valentine Crafts using recyclable materials

Valentine Crafts are the Bomb

Valentine Crafts are just as adorable as Christmas crafts.  You can still use all the cute wintry characters, only you embellish them with hearts instead of candy canes and stockings.  The biggest selling point for Valentines’ crafts, is that there seems to be way more time to actually do them.  We don’t do big Valentine celebrations here, and we don’t gift to one another at Valentine’s Day – but we do craft.  There is none of the “holy cow I need to clean my attic, light up my house to the nines, and bake 800 cookies” kind of pressure that seems to swallow up our sane selves at Christmas. And why not make them Eco- Friendly Valentine Crafts?

Gift Paper Valentine Flowers

Who doesn’t love gift paper? It’s pretty, it’s colourful, and you can get a whole lot of craft out of a very small amount of paper!  And doesn’t EVERYBODY try to save it?  Use the ends of rolls, the stuff you so painstakingly peeled off of your gifts, or if you don’t have any – use any other pretty paper you have.

If you will recall cutting out a gazillion hearts from the Valentine Craft we did a while ago, I hope you kept them!  Use them now, or cut some new ones, gather a couple of more supplies, and craft on Crafters. Craft on.


  • Again, we used any wrapping paper we had on hand (end of rolls, and re-cycled from previous gifts, that  had any red or pink on them. 
  • A heart shaped stencil.
  • A sheet of background paper (be in construction paper or regular white paper) whatever you have on hand will work wonderfully!
  • Paper for the stems.
  • Glue sticks.


  1. Start by gluing on the stem.
  2. Add leaves to the base. (Cut one heart in half for two leaves )
  3. Fill up the tops of the flowers with lots and lots of petals!  Repeat until you are out of paper!

Top Ten Eco- Friendly Valentine Crafts using recyclable materials

Top Ten Eco- Friendly Valentine Crafts using recyclable materials

Top Ten Eco- Friendly Valentine Crafts using recyclable materials

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