This DIY Snowman Wreath is a fun and easy way to add a little winter cheer to your front door this season! This DIY Snowman Wreath.  

Decorating for winter is always fun, and since I have a thing for wreaths and snowmen are super cute, here is an adorable and fun addition to your decor.  Happy Winter!

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DIY Snowman Wreath Winter Front Door Decor

Decorating with snowmen and snowflakes is the perfect way to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas.  Up here Thanksgiving happens before Halloween, so we tend to go straight to the wintery stuff in between. 





  1. First, secure a piece of elastic cord to in a loop to the top of your wreath.  Glue the ends to the underside of the wreath, so that you can hang the completed wreathDIY Snowman Wreath Winter Front Door Decor
  2. Wrap the yarn around the wreath form, gluing a little bit as you go, being sure to leave no white space.Snowman Wreath TutorialDIY Snowman Wreath Winter Front Door Decor
  3. Then add a glittery ribbon or twoDIY Snowman Wreath Winter Front Door Decor
  4. Next, cut out three circles of white felt to make your Snowman
  5. And of course cut out a hat and eyes in black felt 
  6. Also, you’ll want to cut out a scarf in red
  7. Finally, cut out a carrot in orange.DIY Snowman Wreath Winter Front Door Decor
  8. And now, glue these pieces to the wreath to build your snowman
  9. Then it’s time to add Christmas Baubles and embellishments
  10. Next, admire with a cup of hot cocoa!

DIY Snowman Wreath Winter Front Door Decor

Happy Winter!


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