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DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath

A fun and easy way to spruce up your front door this Halloween – try this DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath.  

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DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath

I like to keep the Halloween decor a little more fun and friendly, and a little shy of creepy.  Maybe that will change as I mature, grow up and get older – but until then, it’s happy Jack O’Lanterns and cookie monsters for me.

DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Tutorial



Before we get started, I wanted to share photos of the steps along the way.  The photos I am sharing are from a ribbon wreath I made for a baby shower door prize – so the ribbon is not the same, but the method is.  Also, the photos are old, were taken in not so great light, but get the point across.  

  1. Cut a piece of elastic cord, 5 – 8 inches long
  2. Secure that cord around the wreath formDIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Attaching the Elastic Cord
  3. Wrap the wreath with the tulle or wide ribbon, overlapping as you go, so that you cover all of the white spaceDIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Wrapping the Wreath in Tulle or Wide Ribbon
  4. Be sure to secure your elastic cord while wrapping, but leave the top of the elastic cord loop free ( this is how you will hang your wreathDIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Wrapping the Wreath in Tulle or Wide Ribbon
  5. Cut your ribbon to 3 inch lengthsDIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Cut the Ribbon into lengths for making loops
  6. Fold ribbon into loops, and secure the loops to the wreath form with pinsDIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath Loops of Ribbon being secured with straight pins
  7. Pin the loops to the wreath in a random order, or a pattern, depending on your preference.  Fill in all the gaps with ribbon loops. Be sure to cover the front, inside of the circle and outside of the circle, but not the back of the circle.  Leaving the back free of loops will allow your wreath to site nice and flat against your door

Happy Halloween

DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath


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Hand Knit Easter Eggs

DIY Free Knitting Pattern for Hand Knit Egg Pattern for Easter

The hand knit hearts I made for Valentine’s Day were such a hit, I absolutely had to do something equally fabulous for Easter.

DIY Free Knitting Pattern for Hand Knit Egg Pattern for Easter

If you recall the my creative/ng process that I shared with you when I made the super long rainbow scarf, you’ll appreciate knowing that this took several do overs.  

Hand Knit Decor

This is another really simple pattern, using only the knit stitch, increases and decreases ( fear not my friends, I’ll show you how ) and it takes all of 20 minutes to make one egg.

And once you start making them, the possibilities are endless.  They make great decor items for any table, nice little wash cloths and coasters for your Easter Feast, or piece them into arrangements for table runners and even wall hangings.  I’ve got a few of these projects lined up to share with you, but first we need to start with the basics.

About the Egg Pattern

In order to make these eggs lay flat, I used the garter stitch.  That means you knit on both the wrong and right sides, or simply put, no purl stitches were used in the making of this Easter craft.  

Because we’re using only the knit stitch, we’re going to use the M1L ( make one left ) increase, the same one we used in the knitted hearts, but I’m illustrating it again below.  What you want to do is use your left needle to pick up the bar coming from the next stitch on the left needle.  In the photo below I am pointing at where to lift up the stitch.  So you use your left needle to slide under that bar, and it will slide right onto the tip of your left needle.  Use your right needle to knit it as you would any other stitch.  It’s really quite simple, even if it is a bit tight, and takes a wee bit of practice to get it working smoothly for you.  Once you’ve got it though, you’ll be happy because it is an invisible increase, that doesn’t leave a bump or a gap.

In order to get the egg shape we also need to decrease, and we have accomplished that just by using the K2tog ( knit two together) which is exactly what it sounds like.  You’ve got this.


DIY Free Knitting Pattern for Hand Knit Egg Pattern for Easter

Hand Knit Easter Eggs


  • straight knitting needles, any size.  The bigger the needles, the bigger the eggs
  • yarn from your stash – preferably pastels and Easter colours.  Any weight, again, the bigger the yarn , the bigger the eggs
  • crochet hook for weaving in ends
  • scissors


Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: K2, M1L, K to last two sts, M1L, K2 (8 sts)

Rows 3 – 9: Repeat Row 2 ( 22 sts)

Row 10 – 15: Knit

Row 16: K1, K2tog, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1 (20 sts)

Rows 17 – 23: Repeat Row 16 ( 6 sts)

Bind off, cut yarn, secure last stitch, and weave the ends in all tidy like

DIY Free Knitting Pattern for Hand Knit Egg Pattern for Easter


More Easter Fun

You’ll love what my friends are doing for Easter – from life size board games to breakfast casseroles.  

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Elegant DIY Ice Lanterns

Simple and Elegant Ice Lanterns made from recyclables, perfect for lighting up your garden paths and walkways

So, the other day I had an idea, a wonderfully awful idea!  Let me explain…

Simple and Elegant Ice Lanterns made from recyclables, perfect for lighting up your garden paths and walkways

See, you may have noticed my fasciation with wreaths by now?  Well, what you may not know is that I actually have an even more fierce, let’s call it obsession, with ice lanterns.  Not terribly original, granted.  But I am obsessed with making them better every year.  I want more, faster. I want to streamline the production and have the fabricating and displaying down to a scientific art!

I made beautifully large ones one year with mop pails and yogurt containers.  They turned out really well, and I will replicate them of course.. I’ll switch it up a bit and keep trying different ways, cause it’s a quirk.  

Anyhow, the wonderful part of my idea was juice cartons!  What a great way to reuse those paper cartons, right?  The awful part – I had to dig through the rubbish bin to get them.  

Elegant DIY Ice Lanterns

What’s really great about these is that you can re-use a bunch of stuff before it’s destined for the recycling / trash.  


  • Juice cartons
  • Scissors
  • Small applesauce / snack container
  • Masking tape
  • Water
  • Freezer or freezing temperatures outdoors


Elegant and Really Simple Ice Lanterns Made from recyclable materials, and sure to light up your path


  1. Cut the top off the carton, about an inch down from the ‘roof’
  2. Fill the carton with water
  3. Place the small snack cup on top, with the top of the cup level with the top of the carton.  Water will be displaced
  4. Use masking tape to secure the container in the water, centered
  5. Freeze thouroughly
  6. Remove snack cup and remove lantern from carton. 
  7. Place a tea light candle into the indentation made by the snack cup, place outdoors, light and enjoy! 


Simple and Elegant Ice Lanterns

Welcome your guests this holiday season with a beautifully lighted path. They don’t need to know you were rummaging through the trash before hand.  Happy Holiday Season

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DIY Fabulous Holiday Decor


Call up all of your crafty friends, or well, text them I guess, cause who really uses a telephone anymore?  Or tag them on Facebook.  PM them ( love how that is a verb), and invite them for an afternoon of crafting bliss.
There should totally be wine.  Or margaritas.  I’m way partial to the margaritas.

DIY Christmas Ball Wreath for your festive holiday season


It Happened One Day

So… my Fehrly Crafty friend, Ashley posted something on my timeline on Facebook.  You may have seen it.  It was a link she found on the Whoot for Bauble Wreaths.  It looked like a super fun project to try out, and we were in a surplus of Christmas balls.  How can you really go wrong with some DIY Fabulous Holiday D├ęcor?

Win win. Right?

Supplies & Materials

We used a lot of ribbon, a lot of (plastic) Christmas balls, Styrofoam wreath forms, a lot of hot glue, a couple of fingerprints ( those grow back, right?) , some elastic cord, garland, and a couple of pins here and there.  And did I mention Christmas Balls?

As I mentioned, we were interested in making these Bauble Wreaths found on the Whoot. We decided to build and assemble ours differently.  You should totally head over to the link for the Bauble Wreaths to see how they made theirs.    

Prepare your Space

Prepare a buffet style lunch / snack ahead of time.  You will not want to stop what you’re doing to make sandwiches.  Plus, you may have very well glued yourself to the kitchen table by then.  True story.

Try to prepare a place to work that is free of pets, children and all of their things.  Hot glue guns and glass baubles do not mix well with little people and animals.  Even the plastic ones can make a terrible mess if shattered.   If you’re going to purchase a ridiculous amount of ribbon, pick up some colouring books while you’re out! Give the little ones a project to work on while you glue your fingers together, and your foot to the floor.  True Story.

Amass your Materials and Craft the Afternoon Away

DIY Christmas Ball Wreath for your festive holiday season

1. Cut a piece of elastic cord, and secure around the wreath form in a loop.  This will be how you hang your wreath up.
2. Wrap the wreath in ribbon, completely covering the white of the styrofoam.  
3. Secure the ends of the ribbon with pins, or with a hot glue gun.  Be sure to cover the ends of your elastic cord with the ribbon.
4. Wrap a strand of garland around the wreath form.  Or not.  In the projects we completed, the traditional coloured wreath has garland under the balls, the black and red version does not.  Both are in my opinion absolutely stunning.
5. *Know that this instruction  comes to you via the good old fashion formula of trial and error:  Lay the wreath on a flat surface that is hot glue friendly, start by gluing the balls to the outer edge of the wreath, letting the balls rest on the work surface. Mix up the size and the colours of the balls for some really eye pleasing combinations.
6. Work on the next ring of Christmas balls, by again glueing them to the wreath, but and letting them rest on the lower ring of balls.  Keep mixing colours / shades / sizes until you have covered your wreath, and until you are pleased with your creation!
7. Add a decorative bow ( ribbon or otherwise) or bells. 

DIY Christmas Ball Wreath for your festive holiday season

* about halfway through this step, we needed to pack up, and get ready to collect our school kids… We started fresh on the following Sunday, and still managed to glue ourselves to everything.. but we completed our wreaths – and we love love love them!  Which on is your favourite?

DIY Christmas Ball Wreath for your festive holiday season

I knew in my heart of hearts that I was going to prefer the traditional red and green wreath, but I must confess… the black and red combo is completely stunning.  And now I can’t decide.

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Super Easy Eco Friendly Valentine Decorations

Valentine Streamers made from recycled gift wrap paper.

Make a super easy, eco-friendly Valentine decorations to celebrate the holiday! As with a lot of the stuff we do around here, we used stuff that we were otherwise going to toss away. We came up with these Eco-friendly Valentine Streamers made with stuff from the recycling bin!

For your convenience, this post may contain a couple of affiliate links.

Super easy, eco-friendly Valentine decorations made from items in your recycling bin. Don't throw it out! Reuse what you already have for beautiful, handmade Valentine crafts that will last for years. Kids crafts are perfect for reusing materials.

Rules of Crafting

It’s very important to establish the rules before you set out.  

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  But here’s the thing, there are a few rules, and once they are established and understood, everything will run smoothly.

  1. Have fun
  2. Be polite – to yourself and to everyone else
  3. Stay calm – unless what you’re doing is WAY TOO EXCITING… then, just be careful – flapping arms and bouncing knees spill paint!
  4. Do it your way – don’t let someone tell you what colours to use, or how all the parts go together.  Pay attention to the example that may ( or may not) be set out before you, but remember, it is your creation!

There, now that that is out of the way, let’s make some Super Easy Valentine Decorations, and clean out that recycling bin at the same time.

Super Easy Valentine Decorations

And I am completely serious about the super easy part.  When it comes to stringing them together, use a Plastic Darning Needle, and the toddlers can participate 100% as well.  Of course, use your parental discretion.



  1. Gather up wrapping paper that was recycled from previous gifts, and  end of the role stuff from Christmas, and birthdays etc.  Pretty much if it has red or pink on it, or purple, or light blue.. or whatever suits your fancy!
  2. Next, use a heart shape stencil of some sort – and cut out multiple paper hearts.  The more the better!
  3. Thread your darning needle with yarn, and start threading the paper hearts onto the yarn.  Easy, right?


While you are reusing what’s in your recycling bin, check out these 10 Eco-Friendly Owl Crafts! They are my favorite! 

If you are into knitting, here’s a step by step tutorial on quick and easy Hand Knit Hearts! AND we made beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers from old gift wrap.