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DIY Rainbow Scarf

DIY hand knit super long scarf in a rainbow pattern

Truth be told, there is nothing quick about knitting a scarf.  A scarf is a scarf.  You can make it a quick project by using really thick yarn and multiple strands held together, throw in some oversize needles, and you’re getting there.  Make it a short scarf, and you’re cooking with gas. But then again, time is relative, right?

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Handknit Super Long Rainbow Scarf for a top ten DIY accessory

So, I made this scarf in my quest for cozy rainbow knits, and even though it took a while to complete – and by a while I mean, I started it Monday morning, and completed it Thursday morning, but no – I did not actually knit continuously the entire time, but I estimate it can be done in a few hours.  I will probably make another one soon, and I will set a timer and report back.  That’s how I established the time it takes to make that Brilliant One Hour Neck Warmer I shared with you the other day.

My Creative / ng Process

(Did you see what I did there? Pretty clever, right?) It’s important for me to share with you that when I post a knitting pattern here for you on my site, these are the steps I take.  

  1. Dream up something fantastic
  2. Try to replicate what is in my vision – this quite often involves a few do overs, and rip outs, and multiple interuptions, etc… but I eventually get it right – OR I don’t… 
  3. Write down all of the details of the pattern and the list of materials and prepare to share them here with you, all the lovely knitting enthusiasts, and then 4
  4. Repeat.  I follow the pattern I created for you, to seek out any errors, and to ensure that it is indeed followable.  ( Who knew that wasn’t a word?)

There is an exception to #4 in this circumstance however because first, the pattern is really really easy.  It’s just a knit stitch over and over and over again, and next, I was just really excited to share it with you so you could have it in time for the Top Ten DIY Rainbow Accessories list I was putting together for you.  Without further ado, I present to you

DIY Rainbow Scarf

The completed scarf measures approximate 8′ long by 6″ wide.  

A circular needle is used in this project, to accommodate the many stitches.  Work back and forth on the circular needle, and DO NOT JOIN



With Blue, Cast on 180 sts

Row 1 ( wrong side) : knit

Join Purple, and knit 4 rows.

Join Green, and knit 6 rows.

Join Yellow, and knit 4 rows.

Join Red, and knit 1 row.

Bind off in red.

When finished with one colour, cut and secure the ends, and weave in later when you are finished your scarf

Top ten DIY Rainbow Accessories

Top 10 DIY Rainbow Accessories

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Rainbow Dreadlock Tam – Sand and Sky Creations

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Granny Square Bracelet – Loom Love


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DIY hand knit super long scarf in a rainbow pattern


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Rainbow Twist Neck Warmer

Free Knitting Pattern for a Hand Knit Neck Warmer or Cowl in a rainbow pattern, with a faux or mock cable. A super quick knit, good for spring fall and winter

One hour.  That’s all you’re going to need to whip up this breath of fresh air.  

(For your convenience this posts contains an affiliate link or two)

Free Knitting Pattern for a Hand Knit Neck Warmer or Cowl in a rainbow pattern, with a faux or mock cable.  A super quick knit, good for spring fall and winter

As Luxurious As It Is Simple

You probably know by now that I am completely and totally all about instant gratification, especially when it comes to knitting projects.  You will recall from the BIG Hat that there are a couple of ways to achieve a quick knit.  You can either choose a nice small project like these knitted hearts, or use humongous needles like I did with the infinity scarf, or you can totally do both, like we did here.  Well, the needles aren’t exactly ginormous, but they are big, that’s for sure.

One Size Fits All

I have created a pattern that has enough stretch that this neck warmer will fit everyone from a small child to an adult.  I have also fancied up the pattern a wee bit, so that you achieve an eye pleasing twist in the yarn that resembles a faux cable, but it is way way easier.  No cable needles to get tangled up in, and no real big daunting fear of leaning how to cable looming over your head.

The Rainbow Twist Stitch

So it goes like this.  The rainbow twist stitch is worked over three stitches, and it is really really easy.  You slip the first stitch as if to knit, as indicated in the second square of the image below, then knit the next two stitches.  Now you bring your left needle back to the stitch you slipped, I am pointing to it in the third frame below, and insert your left needle into that stitch, and pass it over the two stitches you knitted after slipping it.  You’ll have a strand of yarn drawing a slightly twisted arch over those two knitted stitches.  Now, you knit that stitch that you just passed over, yes, that one just on the tip of that left needle. Voila, rainbow twist stitch completed.  Yay you! Told you it was easy.


One Hour Rainbow Twist Neck warmer Knitting pattern

The Rainbow Twist Neck Warmer


  • 13mm Knitting Needles, Size 17
  • Super Bulky Yarn in Rainbow Colours (get one ball for every colour you want to use in your project – but this project will only use a portion of each ball – feel free to raid your stash for this, but the weight of the yarn must be a number 6, super bulky or super chunky)
  • scissors
  • darning needle


With Red, Cast on 4o sts

Row 1 : *p2, k3, repeat from *

Row 2: *p3, K2, repeat from *

Row 3: *p2, Slip 1, Knit 2, pass slipped stitch over, and knit it, repeat from *

Row 4: *p3, K2, repeat from *

Change to Yellow and repeat rows 1 – 4

Change to Green and repeat rows 1 – 4

Change to Blue and repeat rows 1 – 4

Change to Purple and repeat rows 1 – 4

Bind off in pattern.

Cut yarn leaving about 24 inches to secure the last stitch and to sew the seam.

And Repeat Repeat Repeat!  

If you purchase balls of yarn for this, you will have enough to make several neck warmers – Enjoy!


Free Knitting Pattern for a Hand Knit Neck Warmer or Cowl in a rainbow pattern, with a faux or mock cable.  A super quick knit, good for spring fall and winter

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Looking for a great knitting pattern?  Need a little help with the mechanics of knitting?  Leave a comment, I’d love to help you out.

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Celebrate Family Day with A Family Rainbow

Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows
 Grab your watercolours and get all hands on deck for this collaborative Family Day Art Project.
Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows

Rainbows occur when you have rain and sunshine at the same time – and they have the power to instantly brighten the sky, and an attitude! 

Family Day Art

Rainbows are indicative of spring, summer, and the warmer weather that comes with it.  We use rainbow crafts to celebrate St. Patrick’s day also, and in our case, it was a really nice Family Day Craft.  

We love to paint, and we love to paint with watercolours.  And I mean, really, who doesn’t love a rainbow?

Smart tip:

Use an old twin / single fitted sheet to cover your table with when crafting.  Most materials are washable, but an extra layer of protection is always a good thing.  


hands to trace

pencils (for tracing)


water colour paints


paint brushes

the usual table/clothing protection

Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows


Get a sheet of paper for every artist, we used 11 x 17

Trace hand prints, from smallest to largest, in an arch, or rainbow shape, on everyone’s paper

Paint as desired

We tried to follow the colours of the rainbow while painting our hand prints – but you may recall from our crafting rules, that we pretty much don’t have any rules.

Family Day Art Project Handprint Rainbows

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