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5 Ways to Use Sprinklers

Best Ways to Use Sprinklers in your yard and garden from irrigation to enjoyment to protection

While it may  be glaringly obvious what you may do with sprinklers, it has occurred to me that people have varying opinions on what that glaringly obvious use may be.

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Best Ways to Use Sprinklers in your yard and garden from irrigation to enjoyment to protection

The Most Obvious Use For Sprinklers

Again, this is going to vary depending on perspective and general outlook.  If you are a farmer, you might think Irrigation is the most obvious way you would use a sprinkler.  If you are parent, or a child for that matter, you would probably consider the Entertainment Value you get out of a sprinkler as being key.  A hose and sprinkler system can be your best friend when it comes to Defending against Frost and Pests and also if you are ever thirsty outside, Drinking From the Garden Hose is a life skill and should be taught to all children at a very young age.

Using Sprinklers for Irrigation

I suppose at the top of the list would be using your sprinklers for irrigation.  Watering your garden to grow your food, so that you can eat.  A  garden hose with an oscillating sprinkler  can do a fine job of making sure your garden gets good coverage.  Let it run for 15 minutes in one area at a time, at least once a day.  We have a sturdy hose reel with a series of long hoses running from the house to the garden that allows for really great coverage, and easy clean up for lawn cutting.

Using Sprinklers for Entertainment and Outdoor Fun

Did you run through he sprinkler as a child?  How about those wet bananas?  Or a slip and slide?  Fun. Fun. Fun.  If you don’t have a sprinkler to enjoy, get one.  Seriously.  You don’t need a fancy sprinkler for it to be fun for the kids – we have hours and yes, I do mean hours, of fun with our oscillating sprinkler . We do have the benefit of fresh well water also, but in areas where water use is limited and sprinkler play is a luxury, if you do have only a certain amount of time where you can water your lawn and gardens, use an oscillating sprinkler and let the kids play in it while it does double duty.  

Best Ways to Use Sprinklers in your yard and garden from irrigation to enjoyment to protection

Using Sprinklers for Quenching Thirst

Go ahead.  Drink from the Garden Hose   I do it all the time, and have even mastered the art of drinking from the oscillating sprinkler.  I don’t always remember to bring beverages outside and after working in the garden for periods of time, you can quickly become dehydrated.  Don’t fill up the landfill sites with plastic water bottles, drink right from the family garden hose.  It’s fun, does the trick and teaches your kids to embrace the simple life, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  


Using Sprinklers for Frost Protection

Just like we talked about above – having an oscillating sprinkler system in your garden through the growing season is a real life saver.  Did you know also that having one set up through the ripening and harvesting season can also be a true life, time, and food saver?   When there is eminent danger of frost in the fall, and you still have a garden full of thriving plants that could do with just a wee bit longer in the garden, turn on the sprinkler.  Use a timer for your hose, and have it come on when the forecast says the temperature is supposed to drop to zero and colder.  A fine mist of water from the sprinkler will keep the frost from setting on the plants.  Often we get a few days of light frost and then perfect growing weather again for a week or two after.  If you can survive those frosty days, you can extend your growing season by almost a month.

Using Sprinklers for Deffence

It’s not what you think.  Well, maybe it is.  I have seen my youngest pick up the hose, armed with a Hose Nozzle and spray her older siblings to maintain her ground.  She is her Mother’s child.  But that is not really what I was alluding to in the realm of defense.  I’m talking about those critters who love to hang out at your place, make themselves comfy, and make you leary of your own space.  Most animals that feel comfy in your space aren’t there to harm you.  They may want to eat your vegetables, like my friends the Groundhogs, and sometimes they can smell really fowl ( yes, you Mr. Skunk).  After a series of failed attempts from deterring a skunk from our yard and garden – I’m talking fireworks, slamming noises etc… I decided that I was going to spray the skunk.  And I did.  I got out my trusty Garden Hose, attached my high powered Hose Nozzle and sprayed that skunk.  He did not spray me back, but ran quite happily into the forest, and stayed away from our garden for the rest of the year.  My Little Helpers are quite proud to tell people, all. People. That Mommy, yes, MOMMY, sprayed the skunk. 

That’s pride people.

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Best Ways to Use Sprinklers in your yard and garden from irrigation to enjoyment to protection 


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Fun And Entertainment with Garden Creatures

DIY Frog Cottage Perfect for Bug Control and Sweet Summer Sounds
Love the sound of the mama frogs singing her babies to sleep in the spring and summer nights?  How about the bull frogs talking about what they did that day in late summer and fall evenings?  You must love having frogs around to eat a good portion of the mosquito population?  Yes? Well, have I got a deal for you…

DIY Frog Cottage Perfect for Bug Control and Sweet Summer Sounds

Build A Frog Cottage

First, find yourself some clay weeping tile.  Try a neighbour, a house in the neighborhood you have seen having exterior basement / drainage work done on, etc.  Most people end up replacing it with completely new weeping tile, and end up with a plethora of these clay cylinders.  Scavenge for them, you will find some, and this project will cost you zero dollars.

Build A Frog Cottage

Old Clay Weeping Tile – Excellent Find!
Now that you have your weeping tile, you can decorate and paint them if you wish. Painting is not necessary, but who doesn’t like painting? Do it outdoors for endless free fun! 
DIY Frog Cottage Perfect for Bug Control and Sweet Summer Sounds 


Now that your Frog Cottage is ready – place it wherever you have seen frogs, would like to see frogs, or whatever.  On the edge of a garden, or pond is ideal. 
Once you’re pleased with the location, add a puddle of water to the inside of the Frog Cottage.  Frog’s like to stay cool!
And watch, wait and listen.  Check back often to see if you have any guests move into your little cottages. Bring a camera and a note pad!


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Friend or Foe

I noticed a frog in the garden while I was planting beans. Is he a friend or foe?  He was trying so hard to be still, and remain unseen, that I pretended not to see him.  I didn’t want to ruin it for him. I think I will call him Henry.

Beneficual bugs can seem like friend or foe. Learn more about using what you may consider as bests to enhance your gardening.

Are Frogs Friend or Foe? 

I have a thing for frogs.  I like them.  Anyone remember the Sesame Street Episode with the frog climbing the tree? The song playing is It’s a Long Hard Climb ? Anyway, it makes my cheeks hurt from smiling. Check it out.  What’s not to like?    They eat bugs!  I am pretty much for anything that eats bugs.  Plus, they make the coolest sounds.  The mamma frogs singing their babies to sleep at night, and the bull frogs bellowing across the road….all very good to listen too.

I made another friend in the garden today.  This time a groundhog.  Now this groundhog has been around all year.  He / she has made a very cozy home underneath the woodshed.  I tried to bargain with said groundhog this afternoon.  We’ll call her Gena.  Anyway, I was talking to her, and she came out of her hole, to hear what I had to say.  I told her she could have the peas, as long as she leaves everything else alone.  Not sure if it will work… but here’s hoping. 

So I got some rutabagas seeded today, some beans, and some more radishes.  Most of the pumpkins I replanted are sprouting, as well as all the squash and zucchini.  I had planted more cucumber a few days ago also, and it is mostly sprouted too.  I wonder if I planted the first pumpkins too early.  Maybe the soil wasn’t quite warm enough yet?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

And my herb garden, has gone the way of my dusting. Sigh.  If you remember my post about my herb garden (follow the link to read) you will remember that herb gardens are not my strong point.  And it was doing so well!  I was so pleased with myself!  I had nice healthy looking parsley sprouts, then suddenly, they were not. Possibly somebody ate them? All of them?  Seems a bit much.

Overall things are sprouting, growing, and flowering.  Without further ado, the pictures I had promised earlier….