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Fun And Entertainment with Garden Creatures

Love the sound of the mama frogs singing her babies to sleep in the spring and summer nights?  How about the bull frogs talking about what they did that day in late summer and fall evenings?  You must love having frogs around to eat a good portion of the mosquito population?  Yes? Well, have I got a deal for you…

DIY Frog Cottage Perfect for Bug Control and Sweet Summer Sounds

Build A Frog Cottage

First, find yourself some clay weeping tile.  Try a neighbour, a house in the neighborhood you have seen having exterior basement / drainage work done on, etc.  Most people end up replacing it with completely new weeping tile, and end up with a plethora of these clay cylinders.  Scavenge for them, you will find some, and this project will cost you zero dollars.

Build A Frog Cottage

Old Clay Weeping Tile – Excellent Find!
Now that you have your weeping tile, you can decorate and paint them if you wish. Painting is not necessary, but who doesn’t like painting? Do it outdoors for endless free fun! 
DIY Frog Cottage Perfect for Bug Control and Sweet Summer Sounds 


Now that your Frog Cottage is ready – place it wherever you have seen frogs, would like to see frogs, or whatever.  On the edge of a garden, or pond is ideal. 
Once you’re pleased with the location, add a puddle of water to the inside of the Frog Cottage.  Frog’s like to stay cool!
And watch, wait and listen.  Check back often to see if you have any guests move into your little cottages. Bring a camera and a note pad!


And here are some more ways to entertain for hours on end this summer with all sorts of bug and garden creature ideas

Top Ten Ways To Enterain With Garden Creatures


Butterfly Life Cycle Experiment – Daily entertainment for weeks by Parenting Chaos

Bugs and Slime go Hand in Hand – Engaging for hours! by Craftulate

Creepy Slimy Fun – Sure to fascinate by The Imagination Tree

Explore and Discover Bugs Everywhere – Fun for life really by Kid World Citizen

Search for Bugs in a Bin – Do this over and over again by Sunny Day Family

Mark the Spot With Bug Spotter Sticks – Full season of fun by Sunhats and Wellie Boots

Build A Butterfly Habitat – Long periods of observation entertainment by Little Log Cottage School

Attract Fireflies – ‘Cause who doesn’t like watching fireflies? by Inspiration Laboratories

Bug Math – Games can be played indoors or out too! by The Preschool Toolbox

Sticky Wall Fun – Excellent for imaginary play too! by Modern Preschool



Even More Summer Sanity Saving Tips:



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