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And Now For My Next Trick…..

I love house plants.  For many years, and in many towns, I have been adopting and collecting house plants along the way.  I have a nice small collection now, but part of the fun I have with them, is rooting them to start more plants as apart of my next trick in this thing called life.
My next trick and sharing my collection of indoor houseplants as my love for gardening never ends.
clockwise from right: two plants rooting ( a ficus I believe, and a schefflera); on the bookshelf ( peace lily, spider, philodendron) and another variety of philodendron over the window; flowering spider; maranta (or prayer plant); and again with a schefflera

And Now For My Next Trick…..

I have gathered a few that I have no idea what they are.  I have had varied success with rooting, but mostly I have been able to start new plants, and watch them thrive.

I obtained a schefflera plant in about 2004….it was in pretty good shape… grew one tiny little sprout every season.  Then I moved it in the winter of 2011, all the leaves fell off, and then somehow it’s stem got broken.  I was pretty much just waiting for a good time to toss it. 

Then it grew leaves.  The part of the stem that had broken off, I just stuck in the soil, and then it grew leaves!  And it was growing lots of leaves.

It has pretty much quadrupled in size.  So this last spring, I cut a snip off, and set it in water to root.  Nothing happened. I left it in the garage.  I cut another snip, put it in water on the window sill, and just now it is starting to root.  Feeling quite pleased, I decided to check on the one in the garage… it has roots like a spider plant!  Very exciting. 

So if you are looking for houseplants, I do occasionally have potted plants started, that are available for sale.

The Schefflera



More about indoor gardening

Here is a great vegetable planting schedule for starting seedlings indoors. I love our Ivy, but our ivy needed some reviving. You’ll love how it turned out. 

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